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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : Computer Programs Tested By CPAs

June 24, 2018 Comments Off on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : Computer Programs Tested By CPAs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a commonly used computer program for business management. Since businesses use various applications to keep its ventures running smoothly, ERP software is used to integrate all these applications as one unified operational software. ERPs can handle product planning, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, accounting, financing, and a whole lot more in a single package.

With the complexity of contemporary businesses, it is only reasonable to have ERPs that cater to ever-changing business needs and demands. According to Carlton Collins, a Certified Public Accountant, ERPs and accounting software solutions must be evaluated based on their edge over competitors.

One can be easily disheartened to see the complex features of various accounting software. However, Carlton points out that all accounting software have a general ledger and accounting and financial features like any other software available. Hence, the edge that each computer program must have is its ability to accommodate and serve their target market and number of users.

Good accounting software are also backed by the Certified Public Accountant community. CPAs can confirm the software’s features when they are allowed to use and examine it. The success of MAS90 in the early 90’s was evident in the fact that the software was permitted for reselling by CPAs for a reasonable price.

MAS 90 Software Features

Some resellers for MAS90 software attest that the product is widely used, based on its 86,000 users. Such huge number tells you that many individuals and businesses have benefited from the software for years now. Not only that, the number also indicates that the product is proven to deliver efficiency and quality assurance.

The features of MAS 90 and MAS 200 can be maximized by stock or assemble-to-order companies, as well as mid-size and small distributors. MAS90 software gives data integrity and reliability a new meaning. It can be used by a single user or a 100-user client server and it can be implemented in various platforms without converting data regularly. With its flexible features, it also paves the way for easier data migration.

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